Seasoned Newcastle Realty Broker Team Celebrates 15 Years While Offering Specialized Services to Seniors

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Bill Byrnes joined Newcastle Realty in 1998, back when the company still operated from the basement of the Newcastle Square building across the river. Two years later, Lee Simard became a Realtor and joined the same firm. It turns out that while traveling separate paths, both Bill and Lee had retired at about the same time, and moved to Pemaquid Point from the same state, Connecticut. Bill was previously employed as a crisis and mental health counselor, and Lee had a background as a financial services CPA. 

Having met as fellow brokers at Newcastle Realty, they developed an affinity for each other’s strengths as Realtors, their shared commitment to personalized service to clients, and in their respective senses of humor. Each discovered how their skill sets and interests complimented those of the other. So, they decided to become a team at a time when real estate teams were quite unusual.

Fast forward to today, the 15-year partnership of the dynamic Byrnes and Simard team has handled more than $90 million in Lincoln County real estate sales, representing more than 300 property transactions, all while continuously impressing clients with their dedication and professionalism.

Both Bill and Lee’s analytical backgrounds have helped them to be excellent listeners and communicators. They both feel strongly about developing face-to-face relationships. Taking the time to develop relationships built on integrity and trust, they pride themselves in being caretakers of people and their properties. Bill and Lee choose to not use “lockboxes,” preferring to personally attend every single real estate showing in order to receive and give their clients first hand feedback.

While they serve all client types and ages, Bill and Lee are most passionate about helping seniors with their important real estate decisions. Bill is recognized by the National Association of Realtors as a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). Having direct knowledge of senior-related issues, both personally and in their previous careers, helps them to offer specialized solutions to older clients. Lee’s financial background allows him to help seniors be aware of possible tax issues and financing options, while remaining sensitive to age-specific goals and time frames. Bill’s career in counseling enables him to guide and empower clients, especially when faced with health issues, sensitive family matters, and those who need to create a well-thought-out transition plan. Both view themselves as senior advocates; advising and guiding clients to pre-plan, informing them how to protect themselves, and urging them to remain focused on what is in their best interests as they move forward.

 When asked about the long affiliation with their company, both Bill and Lee commended the quality and integrity behind the Newcastle Realty brand. Locally owned and invested in Lincoln County communities, Newcastle Realty has a strong team of full time brokers, Apprentice brokers, and Ambassadors who work well with each other. Company owner Dennis Hilton, a Damariscotta native, provides a strong infrastructure with coordinated online and social media marketing, a progressive advertising strategy, efficient technology and a highly visible “brick and mortar” Main Street office presence. This strong business support means that Bill and Lee are free to work on developing client relationships. Both complimented Hilton for his strong business ethics, his support of local organizations, and his leadership in the community.  

If you or someone you know is over age 55 and thinking about making a move or a change, consider talking to Bill Byrnes and Lee Simard. They are happy to answer your real estate questions and discuss options with you. Both can be reached at Newcastle Realty’s office, 87 Main Street in Damariscotta, by calling 207-563-1003. You can also contact them by or To learn more about Newcastle Realty, please visit